About Cherry Blossoms Hotpot Sakura nabe 桜なべ

Cherry Blossoms Hotpot (Sakura nabe 桜なべ) is a Japanese traditional dish. It origin is said to be in Asakusa/Yoshiwara area of Tokyo during the Meiji period in the late 19th century. Yoshiwara at the time was the red-light district, and there were a few dozen Cherry Blossoms Hotpot Restaurants around the entrance of the district. However, many restaurants closed due to the change of time, and today, we are the only one that is continuing to operate since the Meiji period.

Our History 桜なべの歴史

This restaurant is a horsemeat specialist restaurant established in 1905. Today, it is managed by the fourth generation owner who protects our 110 years of history. We offer dishes that retain the original taste since the founding, while fusing it with contemporary cooking techniques and ingredients. Our restaurant building was built in 1924, and designated as a national tangible cultural property.


About Cherry Blossoms Meat 桜肉について

Cherry Blossoms Meat is horsemeat. There are many theories regarding the origin of this name, for instance because it turns into the color of cherry blossoms when boiled, or because it tastes best around the time of cherry blossoms. The horsemeat we offer is from the horses bred especially to be eaten at this restaurant. It is soft, does not have pungent smell or strong taste, safe to eat raw and very fresh. Horsemeat is highly nutritious, high in protein, low fat and low calorie. It is highly recommended for beauty, health and if you are on a diet.


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