Cherry Blossoms Hotpot is Sukiyaki using horsemeat. It comes with vegetable. Meat and vegetable are cooked in soy sauce-based stock and miso sauce, and eaten with raw egg. Our secret miso sauce heightens the flavor of horsemeat.

For one person

Cherry Blossoms Hotpot Sakura nabe

with Vegetable and Egg

Loin – Standard meat

Fillet – Soft and rich flavor

Boneless Ribs – Part with delicious fat

Marbled – Very soft and deep flavor

Rib Eye – The prime Cherry Blossom Meat

・・・ ¥3,000

・・・ ¥3,900

・・・ ¥3,700

・・・ ¥5,200

・・・ ¥6,200

Sakura zukushi course

Course for enjoying several horsemeat dishes


 This is a seasonal course.


 ●Cherry Blossoms Hotpot


 ●Japanese Steak Tartare


 ●Boiled Edo Green


       ... Other



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