Horsemeat Steak
Sasami yaki
Syoga maki

Grilled Tenderloin – Tenderloin is a part of horse. It is flavored spicy with chili.

Sasami yaki        1,580円

Sasami yaki(Large)    2,980円

Loin(70g)       ・・・ ¥1,980

Loin(210g)       ・・・ ¥5,880

Fillet(70g)        ・・・ ¥2,980

Fillet(210g)      ・・・ ¥8,880

Foie Gras to be served as a

   topping for steak.

            ・・・ ¥1,780

Ginger Roll - Ginger and green onion rolled in thin slice of horsemeat.

Syoga maki       1,580円

Syoga maki(Large)    2,980円

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